We offer a varied range of workouts, yoga retreats and workout events to suit everyone; beginners who are used to exercising at all ages. Our cornerstones are yoga in various forms, water gymnastics, strength and physique such as, dumbbell & barbell, strong seniors, heart rate or circle workouts.

Book via the button alternatively call us on 0411-300 36 or email then we book you in. It is important that you cancel your passport no later than 4 hours before if for some reason you can not come. You can easily cancel via your confirmation or call us and we will help you cancel.

We also have a queue system so if the passport is full and not visible on the online booking, hit us a signal and we will contact you if free space shows up.


Single passports cost 130 SEK, if you stay at the hotel, the price is 99 SEK.
You can also buy 10 cards, 10 cards-plus, half- or full-year cards (regular cards).

10 cards plus 1550: -

Up to 20 workouts. With this card you can take two workouts in succession on the same day, but we only tick one box. Tex morning yoga in combination with the water swim lunchtime. Or a physical workout 18.00 in combination with yoga 19.30.

Unlike our regular 10-card, it also gives the opportunity to swim and sauna for a while around a training session without having a half-year card. However, not on Saturdays and Sundays. It is not a ten-card for day spa, so bathrobe / slippers are not included. But of course towel.

10 card SEK 1100

10 workouts. The card must be included in training, it is not personal and you can use several "crosses" at a time if you have a friend with you.
The card is valid for one year from the first training session.

regular card 3700: - / 7000: -

With our tribal card you practice unlimited for 6 or 12 months from the date you buy the card. The card is personal and you also have free access to the bath & sauna Monday-Thursday, where you can borrow bath robe & slippers.

You can "freeze" the card in advance.
Half year: Max twice, a total of four weeks.
Full year: A maximum of four occasions, a total of eight weeks.

summer card SEK 1250

Buy our summer training card and train unlimited for 8 summer weeks; v.26-33.


Interval training for increased heart rate. An effective way to get started in a short time. You work at short intervals completely at the level that suits you.

Tuesdays 18.30:XNUMX p.m.

A workout in the fresh air with a focus on fitness and endurance where you work with your own body weight as resistance.

Thursdays 17.30pm

psst! "Clothes for the weather" are good keywords.

Gym pass down by the sea, all year round. Together we kick off the day and the body with happy music, rubber bands and a high mood.

Mondays 9.00

psst! there is no bad weather, just bad clothes.

A yoga form where you hold the same position for 3-5 minutes to increase mobility in and around joints, muscles and connective tissue. A perfect complement to our more physical workouts.

Mondays 10.00, 18.30 & 19.45

In restorative yoga, we hold lying positions for a long time. The purpose is to give body and bud recovery through deep relaxation.

Wednesdays 10.00

Yoga at a leisurely pace. We start sitting or lying down, focusing on breathing exercises, stretch and strength positions. Ends with relaxation.

Wednesday 8.15
Sundays 9.30

A tougher physical yoga session where you work with breathing, agility, strength and balance. Suitable for you who are a little more used to yogi.

Fridays 10.00

old man YOGA
Yoga has a fantastic effect on pain, agility, blood pressure, breathing and strength. If you play paddle, golf or work out in the gym, yoga is the ultimate complement. If you do not exercise at all, yoga is even better!

Thursdays 18.30pm

psst! Ladies are of course also welcome, but we focus on rigid men who are curious about what many ladies have already discovered.

A yoga session where your baby is welcome. All yoga with the understanding that anything can happen. It's okay if you are breastfeeding or you hear baby cries during the workout. The pass is adapted to the mood of the little babies.

Thursdays 10.00pm

psst! For your sake, it is easiest if your child is so small that he does not move very much (until they have not yet started to walk).

A circle workout that works for all ages and is adapted to how much you can handle. Tougher than you think.

Tuesdays 10.00:XNUMX p.m.
Thursdays 9.00pm

Circle training with various tools and stations where we strengthen arms, core, legs & buttocks.

Saturdays 9.30

A strength workout that focuses from shoulder to hip with strength exercises that strengthen the back and abdomen. We often get very sweaty.

Tuesdays 18.00:XNUMX p.m.

We work through all the body's muscles, with a focus on building deep muscles in the torso and back. The workout can be individually adapted in the meantime so that it suits both those who are very used to training or beginners. Gentle workout for the back.

Wednesdays 17.30

We work through the whole body with the help of dumbbells and bars. A fun and challenging workout that is perfect when you want to develop your technique and build muscle.

Tuesdays & Fridays 15.30

Versatile training that suits everyone. You train fitness, strength, mobility and balance with the water as resistance.

Mondays 11.30 & 17.30, Tuesdays 7.30, 8.15 & 19.30, Wednesday 11.30, Thursdays 19.30 & Fridays 9.00


Visit our outdoor gym in Hagen, east of Ladan. Sit ups, chins, pull ups, armpits, step up, dips, trx straps, tire lift, yes it is just chopping in and strengthening every little undetected muscle.

Best of all is the fresh air and energizing views. We run some outdoor sessions in a group with an instructor, year-round, but at other times the outdoor gym is open to all who visit us.


Susanna Kristersson is responsible for our training together with her team of instructors. You reach her


Susanna is training manager here at Mossbylund. She is also a group training and yoga instructor with a great interest in exercise and health. "For me, it is important that training is fun and varied, it should give a moment of mental harmony where the thoughts come and go." Susanna is an instructor on several of our training sessions.


Elisabeth is passionate about both training and service and you will meet her warm smile both at water aerobics sessions and in our savings reception. To motivate, inspire and spread joy - Elisabeth is a fan of that!


Johanna works as both a savings receptionist and group training instructor with us. She loves to train and is passionate about helping others achieve their goals. Johanna's passion is cardio training and she is an instructor on several different training sessions with us.


Louise is a trained musical artist, and has taught dance & musical classes for many years. At Mossbylund you will meet Louise at the reception and at our water aerobics sessions.


Mimmi is a licensed physiotherapist. Exercise & health are natural for Mimmi and helping people to train properly and avoid injuries is something Mimmi is passionate about. Mimmis holds the STRENGTH INSIDE & OUT passport.


Marie is a yoga teacher at Mossbylund. She holds the YINYOGA and SOFT YOGA sessions.