Enjoy the meditative calmness in our training rooms, well suited for both yoga and our TRX class.

Book online, call us at +46 411 30136 or email us at and we will help you with your booking. 


Save the date!

The weekend of 13-14h Mars we have a wonderful yoga retreat. Read more HERE


Single workout SEK 130 or buy a 10 card, 10 card plus or “stammis” half year or full year card.


SEK 1400

Use this card at two classes on the same day. for example morning yoga combined with water aerobics. Upp till 20 träningspass.

You can also use this card to relax in our spa for a while before or after your class. (mon-fri)


SEK 990

10 classes. You need to have your card with you. It is not personal.

Our 10 card i svalid for 1 year after your first class


SEK 3700

Attend as many classes as you like for 6 months. The card is personal and also gives you access to the spa mon – thur.


SEK 7 000

Attend as many classes as you like for 12 months. The card is personal and also gives you access to the spa mon – thur.



MORNING OUTDOORS, a fun group workout outdoors where focus lays on raising your heart beat and increase your fitness together in different ways. With fitness exercises, games and interval training we give our bodies an energy boost for the day!

TABATA, short interval training

OUTDOOR TRAINING, in all exciting weather conditions we train the endurance and strenghten the bodies all muscles.

HIIT, physical interval training with focus on inproving fitness, building muscles and strengthen the body.


Mossbylund loves yoga! Here you can both unwind and energize with yoga. A perfect class for both beginners and those who have practised yoga before. Old and young. Men and women. You do what feels good, challenging or just relaxing.

Focus on stretch, strength and breathing for a strong and flexible body.

We offer many types of yoga, and there are more to come. At present we offer YINYOGA, ASHTANGA & HATHAYOGA.

On the schedule we have two types of HATHAYOGA, one soft and calm and one more dynamic and physical.

YINYOGA is a class where you hold positions for 3 to 5 minutes to reach the body´s connective tissues instead of the muscles.


STRONG SENIOR, everyone can participate based on ability.

TRX, using TRX belts you train your balance and stability in joints and muscles. A physical class which gives quick results

STRENGTH FROM TOP TO TOE, circle training with varius tools and stations where we strenghten arms, core, legs and glutes.

CORE, strengthens your back and stomach.


WATER AEROBICS, a gentle and versatile training. In this class you train strength, mobility and balance with the water as resistance.

We offer 8 classes of water gymnastics per week with max 11 participants. We appreciate cancellations as soon as possible.


New for this year is our outdoor gym, east of Ladan. Sit ups, chins, pull ups, arm rests, step up, dips, trx bands, tire lifts, just get started and strengthen every little undetected muscle. Best of all is the fresh air and the energizing view. We also offer utdoor classes in group with our instructor, all year round, but at other times the outdoor gym is open to everyone who visit us.


Susanna Kristersson is the head of our training crew

Health, exercise and good well-prepared food go hand in hand here at Hotell Mossbylund. Susanna is coordinator for our training and our talented instructors Maud, Sara, Elisabeth & Johanna. We offer an exciting & thoughtful range of workouts, inspirational retreats and training events to suit everyone. In our yoga room there is a meditative calmness that works well with yoga or pilates, but also gives renewed strength to test the strength of our TRX classes. We also make use of our fantastic surroundings – the beach, the sea and the fields are perfect for outdoor training.
Susanna Kristersson,

Sara C. Kennedy
Sara works as yoga, pilates and water aerobic instructor at Hotell Mossbylund. She has also worked as a dancer, dance teacher and aerobic instructor and is an actor.
“A friend of mine practiced yoga in Malmö and brought me there. Because I’m an” old “dancer, I like to try out different types of training and like to challenge myself so I was easily convinced. Before I even tried the class, I bought a 10 classes card, my friend had said that it was the best she had ever tried. The first class was pest and pain for me. I felt so bad, felt dizzy and felt I just wanted to run out of scouts … thought I’d die. Well, because I had bought a 10 classes card, I would of course have currency for my money, despite my awful experience, so I continued. Initially, the yoga for me was more an physical exercise form, but lately, it has become more mental. More a lifestyle. Of course, I wanted to know more and became a instructor” See you on the mat 😉

Elisabeth Thelander

Elisabeth, with her warm heart, has a passion for service and exercise and she also helps you with bookings in the spa reception. “Water aerobics has always been important to me. To motivate, inspire ande bring joy every day is a dream come true. To hear how good water aer0bics is for the participants makes me look forward to the next workout. Hope to see you”

Johanna Olsson

Johanna works as a spa receptionist and as an instructor in our group workouts.

She is service minded and has working experience from massage and as a training instructor. “I have always loved exercise and I´m passionate about helping others to enjoy exercise and reach their goals for good health. I play handboll and has great passion för cardio which will show in my classes”

Sara Ryderling

Among other things Sara is trained in TRX, HiiT and functional exercise. “It´s important  for Sara that exercise is fun, gives results and affects every day in a positive way for the participants.
More joy and movement to the people Sara says.

Elin Berg

Elin has a wide knowlegde and has taken several courses in group training. She has worked both abroad and in Sweden for about 8 years as an instructor for different types of training. As a trained dancer Elin is passionate about cardio and coordination courses with music. Elin also works as a spa therapist in our spa.

”I have always loved group training and for me it´s about having fun, get the chance to challenge boundaries and fight together.

As an instructor I make sure that the participants have a safe and rewarding with lots of energy!”