The Swan is the official, common eco-label in the Nordic countries. The labeling shows that products, goods and services meet the high standards of environment, health, function and quality. It is a comprehensive environmental effort that covers everything from energy consumption, transport and waste management to cleaning products, consumables, furnishings and raw materials - large and small. The commitment to our environment is warm to us.

Protecting the environment and making sustainable and wise choices for the future is a matter of course for us at Mossbylund. The nature around us, together with our fantastic staff, is our greatest asset.

In 2016 we were swan-labeled at restaurant and hotel. Our fantastic housewife, Josefine, took us through a long procedure, everything from replacing old refrigerators, examining all suppliers and triggering staff. We unconsciously take this awareness with us home and to our private households. Basically, it is every little plastic bag, every washing machine that spins, every piece of meat we throw that matters in the long run. Thus, it is not the big swan mark that makes a difference, but it is the little act time and time again.

With the overall responsibility at Hotell Mossbylund, our housewife Josefine ensures that our comfortable indoor environment and green outdoor environment are kept in trim. Josefine holds the threads for both cleaning and conference staff, caretakers and gardeners who together ensure that all our environments - hotel, restaurant, conference, spa and garden have a consistently homely atmosphere.

Josefine Andersson Sandberg,