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Do you have pain in your muscles, or do you just need a little luxury and extra care? No matter what, we have what you need. Can't choose? Call us and we will help you find the perfect treatment for you

4card - buy four pay for three

buy a "4 card" if you want a regular massage, pedicure, waxing or any other treatment that is recommended in the cure. applies to the purchase of one and the same treatment.


25 min. Long weekend, 525 SEK Week, XNUMX SEK / 45 minutes. Long weekend, 725 SEK Week, XNUMX SEK
Relaxing massage with aroma oils.

25 min. Long weekend, 575 SEK Week, XNUMX SEK / 45 minutes. Long weekend, 895 SEK Week, XNUMX SEK / 75 minutes. Long weekend, 1225 SEK Week, XNUMX SEK
A massage that provides relaxation in stiff, tired muscles and which at the same time increases elasticity and circulation.

HOT STONE MASSAGE 45 min. Long weekend, 895 SEK Week, XNUMX SEK
A relaxation massage with hot lava stones and aroma oil on body and face. The treatment is good for sore, tired muscles, joint problems or if you just want to relax. Hotstone is also suitable for you who are a rheumatologist.

TO THE FUTURE MOTHER 45 min. Long weekend, 895 SEK Week, XNUMX SEK
A soft massage that is adapted to the different stages of pregnancy. With comfortable pillows under you, massage the back, legs, arms, feet, face and scalp.

THE LUXURY OF THE SIRENE 75 min. Long weekend, 1225 SEK Week, XNUMX SEK
Don't miss this wonderful combination of hot stones and classic massage. A full body luxury that is good for stiff muscles or pain. The traditional massage is deepened by the hot stones.

supplement 195: - / pc
extend your massage by a quarter

choose between

soft feet - peeling & massage
smooth hands - peeling & massage
facial & scalp massage - liberatingly nice


psst! The 4 card is perfect to use to refill your lashes.

SMALL FACIAL 25 min. Long weekend, 525 SEK Week, XNUMX SEK
A short, refreshing facial treatment with cleansing, peeling, massage, moisturizing mask and finishing cream.

FACIAL 45 min. Long weekend, 845 SEK Week, XNUMX SEK
Cleansing, skin analysis, peeling, steam, pore emptying, massage, mask and finishing cream.
psst! book for brow plucking or extra port emptying for Long weekend, 195 SEK Week, XNUMX SEK

THE MERMAID'S FAVORITE 90 min. Long weekend, 1595 SEK Week, XNUMX SEK
A large, luxurious facial treatment with cleansing, skin analysis, peeling, port emptying, face mask, and cream. We boost your skin deeply with serum and oils and then you get a long scalp, neck & face massage. You also get lash and eyebrow color including shaping of your eyebrows plus a nice hand massage.

Fringe & brow color, including picks.

The lashes are attached to your own lashes, one by one. You can choose between different lengths and different bends. The lashes are made of silk that resembles your own, real lashes. Avoid getting water and steam on the lashes 48 hours after the treatment.


then, new set

mermaid's secrets

PSSST! only with us, the mermaid's secret favorites that just have to be tried

THE PEACE FISHER'S DEEP DIVE 60 min. Long weekend, 1050 SEK Week, XNUMX SEK/ person
Deep down, it is calm and quiet, here you get total relaxation. This is a unique experience for both skin and mind where we mix soothing facial treatment with energy-giving facial & scalp massage. With Gua sha stones and Kerstin Florian's fantastic SPIRIT products, your skin becomes supple and powerful with a glow like the finest pearls. A treatment to long for!

LUXURIUS TREATMENT 90 min. Long weekend, 1595 SEK Week, XNUMX SEK/ person
This is a luxurious treatment where we combine peeling, bathing and massage. The treatment starts with a peeling of the body and face. Then you sink into a warm Thalasso bath where you get a nice face mask. The thalasso bath with Mediterranean salt contains lots of nutrients and minerals. After the bath, you get a wonderful and relaxing massage and moisturizing face cream.

THE MERMANS FULL BODY TREATMENT 75 min. Long weekend, 1495 SEK Week, XNUMX SEK/ person
Treat your body and skin to total relaxation with warmth and refreshing hydration. We start with a full body peel that is gently wiped off with warm towels. Then you will be wrapped in a wonderful warm body wrap that moisturizes your skin. In the meantime, you get a facial cleanser, mask and massage of face, neck and scalp. A luxurious experience that you can enjoy yourself or with someone.


PEELING 30 min. Long weekend, 625 SEK Week, XNUMX SEK
The peeling gives a new glow and removes dead skin cells. The skin's absorption capacity is increased so that it can more easily absorb skin care products that we anoint you with. An energy boost for the body.

FULL BODY WRAP 75 min. Long weekend, 1425 SEK Week, XNUMX SEK
Peeling and wrapping in one. We start with a salt scrub to wake up, scrub and prepare the skin before the softening wrap. You get a nice scalp massage and a small facial treatment. Remember that you should preferably not shower shortly afterwards, but let your body enjoy this all day/night for the best effect.

ALGAE & Clay Wrapping 60 min. Long weekend, 895 SEK Week, XNUMX SEK
We start with dry brushing and then you get a warming wrap with spirulina algae and white clay. The wrap is moisturizing and cleansing and is particularly suitable for sensitive skin. It adds lots of good trace elements and minerals. In the meantime, you get a small facial treatment and a nice scalp massage. We finish with oil.


scalp massage is included in all spas except the sea baths

THALASSO BATH 30 min. Long weekend, 625 SEK Week, XNUMX SEK
A bath that suits everyone, even if you have sensitive skin. The Mediterranean salt contains lots of nutrients and minerals that are needed in our body and in our muscles. After the bath, we lubricate you with luxurious cream.

SEA WITCH'S TOE BATH 30 min Long weekend, 725 SEK Week, XNUMX SEK
A bath that cleanses out both slag and liquid. Good for you who want to restart the body or just enjoy. All nutrients are good to keep on the skin, therefore no cream after the bath. Avoid if you are pregnant.

The sea is 140 meters south and is bathable all year round for the brave. Does not need to be pre-booked.

SEA RITUAL 18 year limit. Long weekend, 129 SEK Week, XNUMX SEK
Go down to the sea, scrub yourself with sand and immerse yourself in the water. Irish coffee is waiting in the spa café when you return.

newt's tip

FINE FIN PEDICYR 50 - 60 min. Long weekend, 895 SEK Week, XNUMX SEK
Foot bath, peeling, removal of calluses, cutting and filing. Varnishing, if you want, and in conclusion, a wonderful foot massage with a foot cream that you bring home. Note! Non-medical foot care.

THALASSAS TRIPLE CURE 60 min. Long weekend, 925 SEK Week, XNUMX SEK
You get a wonderful facial treatment where we clean, peel and massage face and scalp. In parallel, your feet & hands are wrapped and then peeled, moisturized and massaged.

BEAUTIFUL FEET 25 min. Long weekend, 495 SEK Week, XNUMX SEK
The ultimate luxury for tired feet! Nice foot bath that softens the feet. Then we peel & scrub and then finish with a luxurious foot massage.

chin, upper lip Long weekend, 175 SEK Week, XNUMX SEK / half leg Long weekend, 345 SEK Week, XNUMX SEK / whole leg Long weekend, 695 SEK Week, XNUMX SEK / armpit Long weekend, 345 SEK Week, XNUMX SEK / bikini line Long weekend, 345 SEK Week, XNUMX SEK / arms Long weekend, 325 SEK Week, XNUMX SEK / back Long weekend, 545 SEK Week, XNUMX SEK


many of our treatments can be obtained as duos.
let us know when booking if you wish to receive your treatment together.

The KRAKEN duo 75 min. 1795: - / par
Come with a friend or loved one and receive the treatment in the same room. One of you gets a refreshing facial while the other gets to sit in a nice foot bath and at the same time perform a cozy hand ritual, followed by a peeling and luxurious foot massage. Then you switch treatments.

FOUR FEET 45 min. 995: - / par
An appreciated duo treatment. You sit together in each foot bath and enjoy a glass of sparkling and a little snack. In the meantime, a therapist will take care of you. You get foot peeling, massage and a moisturizing cream.

little to think about

If you cancel a pre-booked spa treatment less than 24 hours, you will be charged 100%. We do not do spa treatments or massages on children under 8 years or if you are pregnant and are before week 12. We work with Maria Åkerberg's products in our treatments. These fantastic products are also for sale in our store. Feel free to consult our therapists on site.