Summer time at Mossbylund means something extra. In addition to our popular summer package, magic food, swim in the pool and sweaty workouts, you can enjoy the proximity to the sea and the beautiful Scanian landscape.


SUMMER PACKAGE can be booked between June 1 - August 30.
Three course dinner, overnight stay, breakfast and spa of course.
So enjoy warm pools inside and outside or cool off in the sea a stone's throw away on beautiful Mossby beach.

PIZZALYX can be booked between June 18 - August 30.

Girl's night, friend get away or family holiday. Visit us one summer day and test this year's pop-up restaurant with farm pizzas and then stay overnight in one of our cozy twin rooms. Access to spa and breakfast is always included in our hotel packages.

This summer's absolute best clip!


All bookings are fully refundable & cancellable until 12 noon the day before arrival. until August 31st.
However, not if you choose the "non-cancellable" option yourself.


A very special room, at the top of the silo, is available in the summer to book with 4 beds, and the possibility of two extra beds. Three toilets, shower and wonderful views. Opportunity room for the whole family, friends or just added luxury for two.
The buddy suite can be booked from midsummer until August 1st.

summer food

For the first time this summer we have three restaurants!

Our large RESTAURANG with everything from breakfast and à la carte to the evening.
SPACAFÈ & BISTRO with salads, burgers, the classic shrimp and not least all the pastries.
This year's POP-UP HOME ON THE COUNTRY with a tribute to Italy.

Summer 2020 will be a special summer, in the virus's progress. We do not accept table bookings at INNERGÅRDEN or in our SPACAFÉ & BISTRO as most places are outdoors. If the rain surprises, we have a limited number of places to offer indoors and we do not want to jeopardize an overbooked restaurant and not be able to offer you a safe distance between the guests.
The weather is nice and the seats are busy so why not bring your food down to the beach.


This year's POP-UP PIZZERIA IN THE YARDS with a tribute to Italy. Pizza hatch for yard hang or draw box for the beach. Luxurious pizzas with, among other things, Skåne cheeses, lamb saliccia, lojerrom and a lot of other goodies that are served in the courtyard and in our café 12-20 all summer.

It is not possible to book tables, but just look past and should the tables be full you can always bring your pizza down on the beach instead.

OPEN 12.00-21.00, the last order is 20.45

Pssst… We have a small loophole between 12.00-16.00 in the restaurant as we can take table bookings even for pizza…

open 12-21 every day
the whole summer

Maggan tomato sauce, mozzarella, parmesan, cocktail tomatoes, basil 135: -
psst! add thin sliced ​​cooked ham for 25: -

prints creme fraiche, grilled carrot puree, fermented carrot, red onion, rosemary, gruyère, broccoli ribs, deep-fried capers 145: -
psst! goes vegan / lactose free

benny mushroom & truffle cream, air-dried pork, salami, pickled mushroom, chives oil, stored parsley cheese 165: -

summer tomato sauce, lamb saliccia, summer onion, garlic & mint yogurt, sage oil grilled lemon, Scanian alpost, toasted buckwheat 165: -

osta-Stina tomato sauce, western bottom, Scanian alpost, parsley cheese, gruyère, salted pumpkin seeds 145: -

brothers persson creme fraiche, mozzarella, red onion, kalixlöjrom from the persson brothers, western bottom cheese, dill, lemon 195: -
psst! add hand peeled shrimp for 35: -

children pizza tomato sauce, mozzarella, ham 95: -

Of course, all pizzas are available takeaways, call your order on 0411-30036
the pizzas are made the way we think they should taste. therefore we make no changes. we have a gluten-free pizza base, but bake in a non-gluten-free environment.


Salads, burgers, the classic shrimp and not least all the pastries.
Open 11.00-16.30
No booking, it's just to look past.

spa & bistro

shrimp sandwich 175: -

mussels 139: -

tomato salad 135: -

halloumiburgare 155: -

smash burger 195: -

meat sandwich SEK 169

open daily 11-16


Our large RESTAURANG with everything from breakfast and à la carte to the evening. During the day you can sit here and eat pizza or something from our café menu. From 17.30 we start serving our fantastic a la carte
Open 07.00-late
Book a table at 0411-30036


lightly grilled scallop, ponzu with sea buckthorn, dill oil, sea coral, flowers & nori powder
149: -


taco with night braised beef broth, jalapeño, onion mayonnaise, pickled green tomatoes, deep fried silver onion & coriander
139: -


variety of leeks - soft baked, crispy & ash, sour cucumber, raw fennel, horseradish cream, radishes & red oxalis
139: -


confit carrot, pickled atomic red carrot, sesame emulsion, puffed buckwheat, black currant puree, soy almond, blast & shot
269: -


grilled char, buttered roasted fish broth, baked yellow beetroot, watermelon radish, lightly smoked peas & beans, crispy seeds & chilli, spring seeds
289: -


Duck from warmless, polenta, grilled corn, pickled chilli, oil on lime, misosky, picked herbs from the herb garden
289: -


hammock-steak, mangold, mayonnaise on broken marrow, deep-fried smoked marrow, veal fund, parsley root, canned currants, flowerpot
289: -


mint strawberries, scattered cheesecake on white chocolate, lemon thyme glass, malt & oat crumbs, limecurd
129: -


chocolate sorbet, whipped tonka & mascarpone panna cotta breaded with pistachio & coffee, fresh raspberry & raspberry cream, red meadow acid, roasted dark chocolate
129: -


gooseberry sorbet, roasted meringue with dandelion honey, frozen grated oyster noodle, caramelized tea seeds
139: -

SUMMARSPA v. 26 - 35

Too cold in the sea? Our pools are always wonderfully warm and the sun loungers lure in moments for summerless moments. We have day and evening spa for you who do not stay over at the hotel. For those of you staying, the spa includes check-in time.

Age limit 16 years for day and evening spa.
For accommodation guests, it is permitted for children in the company of adults 9.00-10.00 & 14.00-16.00. Other time from 16 years, diapers are not allowed in the pool. Our spa is a spa, and we have a quiet life even during the kids' hours.

DAY SPA 10.00-15.00, 495: -
EVENING SPA 19.00-22.30, 495: -

Loan of bathrobe, slippers and towel are always included. Also coffee / tea and fruit.

spa & pizza 595: -

Book from 10.00 am to 15.00 pm
or 18.00-22.30

MORNING DIP, 07.00-10.00
Morning swim between 07.00-09.00. Then we serve breakfast, coffee / tea & smoothie in the café. 295: -

psst! On Tuesdays there is water aerobics in the indoor pool at 8-9, but the other pools are obviously open.


Week 27-33 we can also offer massage under the open sky!
With a fresh breeze, wonderful views but in a well-kept pavilion, a summer massage becomes completely unbeatable.

We move inside if the weather turns bad.

outdoor massage

Read the entire treatment menu HERE. Book via 0411 30036 or spa@mossbylund.se


If the deck chair starts to scratch, you can change your swimwear to workout clothes and raise your heart rate on any of our workouts. A perfect appetizer to then enjoy something from our lovely summer menu. Training costs 99 SEK per pass for all accommodation guests, (ord.price 130 :-) book your place at the reception, or via the button below.

If you want to know how we think about exercise during an ongoing pandemic, read more HERE

Thursday 16 ° C

today we train outdoors

09.00:XNUMX morning gym on the beach
10.00 soft yoga
11.30 water aerobics

07.30 water aerobics
08.15 water aerobics
11.30 strong seniors
15.30 after beach-pass (tomv31)
17.30 torso & stability
18.30 strength outside

09.00:XNUMX in the morning
10.00 soft yoga
17.30 strength from top to toe

09.00 strong seniors
11.30 water aerobics
17.30 pulse
18.30 yin yoga

10.00am dynamic yoga

10.00 strength top to toe

09.00 soft yoga

buy the summer card

Buy our summer training card and workout unlimited for 8 summer weeks, price 1250: -

In addition to the rolling schedule, we also have some extra activities planned this summer, which of course are also included if you have a summer or tribal card.