Summer time at Mossbylund means something extra. In addition to our popular summer package, magic food, swim in the pool and sweaty workouts, you can enjoy the proximity to the sea and the beautiful Scanian landscape.


SUMMER PACKAGE can be booked between June 1 - August 30.
Three course dinner, overnight stay, breakfast and spa of course.
So enjoy warm pools inside and outside or cool off in the sea a stone's throw away on beautiful Mossby beach.

PIZZALYX can be booked between June 18 - August 30.

Girl's night, polar bear or little family mosquito. Visit us one summer day and test this year's pop-up with farm pizzas and then stay overnight in one of our cozy rooms. Access to spa and breakfast is always included in our hotel packages.

This summer's absolute best clip!


All bookings are fully refundable & cancellable until 12 noon the day before arrival. until August 31st.
However, not if you choose the "non-cancellable" option yourself.


This year's POP-UP PIZZERIA IN THE YARDS with a tribute to Italy. Pizza hatch for yard hang or draw box for the beach. Luxurious pizzas with, among other things, Skåne cheeses, lamb saliccia, lojerrom and a lot of other goodies that are served in the courtyard and in our café 12-20 all summer.

It is not possible to book tables, but just look past and should the tables be full you can always bring your pizza down on the beach instead.

OPEN 12.00-21.00, the last order is 20.45

Pssst… We have a small loophole between 12.00-16.00 in the restaurant as we can take table bookings even for pizza…

open 12-21 every day
the whole summer

Maggan tomato sauce, mozzarella, parmesan, cocktail tomatoes, basil 135: -
psst! add thin sliced ​​cooked ham for 25: -

prints creme fraiche, grilled carrot puree, fermented carrot, red onion, rosemary, gruyère, broccoli ribs, deep-fried capers 145: -
psst! goes vegan / lactose free

benny mushroom & truffle cream, air-dried pork, salami, pickled mushroom, chives oil, stored parsley cheese 165: -

summer tomato sauce, lamb saliccia, summer onion, garlic & mint yogurt, sage oil grilled lemon, Scanian alpost, toasted buckwheat 165: -

osta-Stina tomato sauce, western bottom, Scanian alpost, parsley cheese, gruyère, salted pumpkin seeds 145: -

brothers persson creme fraiche, mozzarella, red onion, kalixlöjrom from the persson brothers, western bottom cheese, dill, lemon 195: -
psst! add hand peeled shrimp for 35: -

children pizza tomato sauce, mozzarella, ham 95: -

Of course, all pizzas are available takeaways, call your order on 0411-30036
the pizzas are made the way we think they should taste. therefore we make no changes. we have a gluten-free pizza base, but bake in a non-gluten-free environment.

SUMMARSPA v. 26 - 35

Too cold in the sea? Our pools are always wonderfully warm and the sun loungers lure in moments for summerless moments. We have day and evening spa for you who do not stay over at the hotel. For those of you staying, the spa includes check-in time.

Age limit 16 years for day and evening spa.
For accommodation guests, it is permitted for children in the company of adults 9.00-10.00 & 14.00-16.00. Other time from 16 years, diapers are not allowed in the pool. Our spa is a spa, and we have a quiet life even during the kids' hours.

DAY SPA 10.00-15.00, 495: -
EVENING SPA 19.00-22.30, 495: -

Loan of bathrobe, slippers and towel are always included. Also coffee / tea and fruit.

spa & pizza 595: -

Book from 10.00 am to 15.00 pm
or 18.00-22.30

MORNING DIP, 07.00-10.00
Morning swim between 07.00-09.00. Then we serve breakfast, coffee / tea & smoothie in the café. 295: -

psst! On Tuesdays there is water aerobics in the indoor pool at 8-9, but the other pools are obviously open.