The restaurant is the heart of Hotell Mossbylund. Here our guests gather together to eat and eat well. We are open everyday of the week from BREAKFAST to late evening. You can stop by for LUNCH or DINNER. Make your reservations at +46 411 30036 or

Locally produced, homemade and love are the three words that describe our food!
Our head chef Christoffer lives and breathes for the Scandinavian ingredients and wants our guests to know the quality of life in the countryside, the sea and the forest.

Restaurant Manager Fredrik Wennberg leads with the experienced hand the restaurant and our wonderful team of restaurant staff. In our restaurant you can experience everything from beer made in the neighboring village to exciting wines from far away. We are also proud to have a wide range of good non-alcoholic beverages.

Head chef, Christoffer Herbst
Restaurant Manager, Fredrik Wennberg

Breakfast is served 7 – 10 AM on weekdays and 7.30 -10 AM on weekends. You are of course welcome to join us for breakfast even if you are not a guest at the hotel.

Price: SEK 145

Today’s special is served every weekday between 12-2 PM for SEK 110.

Our café is open daily between 11 AM and 4.30 PM:

Plate with cheese, sausage, cucumber, hummus, olives and chips SEK 115

Shrimp sandwich SEK 175

Mussels, white wine, cream, garlic, parsley, fennel SEK 139

Mushroom toast, brioche, lingonberries, spinach, thyme SEK 139

Wheat salad, romaine, chicken confit, pumpkin, thyme, cream cheese SEK 145

Halloumi burger, tomato, spinach, pickled red onions, smoked aioli, coleslaw, chips SEK 155

Hamburger,  with cheese, bacon, tomato, spinach, pickled red onions, smoked aioli, coleslaw, chips SEK 195

Evening menu, monday – sunday. Served from 6.00 PM, last seating at 9 PM


pork cheek confit, lingonberry/horseradish glaze, mushroom emulsion, crispy potatoes, cress SEK 139

cauliflower puree, scallop, raw apple, roasted hazelnut, scallop/herb butter, pea sprouts SEK 149

baked endive, butter with apricot, honey and nuts, herbs, smoky cream cheese SEK 129


herb roasted duck breast, duckliver gravy, carrot puree, black cabbage, grated duckliver, pear, thyme SEK 279

beef sirloin, parsnip puree, parsnip confit, red wine sauce with sage, cress, deep fried sage, cress SEK 289

cod, green cabbage stew, crispy, cabbage, oysterleaf, oysterbutter SEK 289

salt baked celeriac, celeriac with coconut cream, roasted hazelnut, lingonberry powder, cress SEK 249


chocolate terrine, caramelised nuts, blood orange cream and sorbet, basil SEK129

goat milk ice cream, sea buckthorn/cloudberry compote, caramelised white chocolate, thyme oil SEK 129

local cheese, pear- & cardemom marmelade, crisp bread, spice bread SEK 139


Beautiful tall towers filled with cakes and scones, small sandwiches, fruit and much more. Tea and coffee are also included.
Saturdays at 2 PM Price: SEK 195
Children 0-4 years old, no charge
5-11 y/o, 50% discount / 12-16 y/o, 25% discount


Our brunch is filled with locally produced treats, such as herring, salads, pancakes, bacon, cold cuts, freshly baked bread, cheeses, desserts and much, much more.
Sundays from 12 PM Price: SEK 325
Children 0-4 years old, no charge
5-11 y/o, 50% discount / 12-16 y/o, 25% discount

We do not serve brunch on december 23rd.