We are open every day of the week from breakfast to late evening, you can pop in for a coffee, lunch or dinner. Book a table at 0411 30036 or Welcome!

Our head chef Jesper Sandqvist, a genuine Kristianstad resident who found his way down to the south coast and Mossbylund in the spring of 2020. With a magical calm and fantastic experience, Jesper plans new menus and leads our food loving team with ten chefs who keep the ovens running from dawn until late evening.

Restaurant Manager Fredrik Wennberg leads the restaurant with our experienced staff and our wonderful team of serving staff. With Fredrik's solid mind for drink, a meal is combined to remember. Here everything from beer made in the neighboring village to exciting wines from the distance is served. We are also proud to have a large selection of good non-alcoholic drinks.

Head Chef, Jesper Sandqvist
Restaurant Manager, Fredrik Wennberg


Breakfast is served from 07.00:10.00 until XNUMX:XNUMX every day of the week.

We serve a delicious breakfast and book times for each party. We have limited seats due to the need to keep our distance, so book your table well in advance.

We depend on our guests' understanding to fit times and keep their distance!

Price: Long weekend, 175 SEK Week, XNUMX SEK for non-resident guests
Children 0-4 years eat free / 5-11 years 50% discount / 12-16 years 25% discount


For SEK 1450, you can buy a 10 card that can be used for breakfast or today's lunch on weekends. A perfect gift for someone you like and who needs breakfast or lunch served in a comfortable environment. The card is not personal and you can of course bring a friend or two and tick several boxes.
(regular price is 175 :-)


Grandma pie, granny pizza or flat bread. Dear child has many names. GRANDMA'S PIZZA originated on Long Island, where the Italian grandmothers in the early 1900th century began baking pizza with ingredients that were easy to obtain and that turned out well without a pizza oven.

At Mossbylund we serve the traditionally square GRANDMA PIZZA every Saturday, welcome here and enjoy perfectly baked pizza with lots of selected toppings and delicacies.

225: - / person

Saturdays from 12.00, final table booking at 14.30 


Pancakes, bacon, eggs, cheese and everything else good that belongs to the Sunday brunch! The brunch is poppis so do not forget to book a table.

365: - / person

Sundays from 12.00, final table booking at 14.00 
Children 0-4 years eat free, 5-11 years 50% discount / 12-16 years 25% discount


Come by for a beer after work, or a drink on a Saturday afternoon. We have good snacks and a nice drink list.


Of course, we want to make a hit for our own beer; MOSSBYLUNDAR'S MAGIC
A light layer with elements of elderberry that we have brewed together with the feathers on HÖNSINGE CRAFTS