Today's lunch takes a summer break and is back again on 16 August.

Our café and is open 11.00 - 22.30 every day of the week. There we serve delicious dishes from the Bistro menu and tasty cakes, cappuccino, brewed coffee and freshly made healthy smoothies. The same menu is available in the restaurant, where you are welcome to book a table, in the café we do not accept table reservations, just look in.

spa & bistro


served every day 11 - 16

* shrimp sandwich on homemade breadcrumbs.
small 119: - large 175: -

fish & chips lemon mayonnaise, tartar sauce, french fries, green pea stump, smoked lemon.
195: -

tomato salad lightly soaked, fresh, & sun-dried tomato, basil dressing, mozzarella, roasted seeds, grated salad & pickled summer onions.
145: -
add bresaola for SEK 25

mussels with garlic, cream, white wine & fennel.
159: -
add french fries & aioli for 25: -

meat sandwich fried bread, sesame & chili fried pluma, crispy lard, sweet chili mayo, picked salad, grated Gruyére & our own kimchi.
165: -
add french fries & aioli for 25: -

beyond burger 100% herbal burger, vegan cheese, vegan bread with black sesame, tomato, salad, pickles, caramelized onions, truffle cream & french fries.
195: -

smash burger double burgers, cheddar, tomato, salad, pickles, bread with black sesame, beer caramelized onion, classic hamburger dressing, french fries & Chipotle mayonnaise.
195: -

* mossby board beer sausage, bacon, olives, herb cream cheese, cheese from vilhelmsdal, vegetable sticks, salt-roasted nuts, aged grevé, chickpeas and home-baked bread.
175: -

* cheese platter selected cheeses, homemade chickpeas & marmalade
145: -

* can also be ordered in the evening


served Mon-Fri 16 - 21 & Sat - Sun 12-21

Maggan tomato sauce, mozzarella, parmesan, cocktail tomatoes, basil 135: -
psst! add thin sliced ​​cooked ham for 25: -

prints creme fraiche, grilled carrot puree, fermented carrot, red onion, rosemary, gruyère, broccoli rhubarb, fried capers 145: -
psst! goes vegan / lactose free

benny mushroom & truffle cream, air-dried pork skin, salami, pickled mushrooms, spring onion oil, broccoli rhubarb four-tower cheese 165: -

summer tomato sauce, lamb salsiccia, summer onion, pickled chili, garlic & mint yoghurt, sage oil, grilled lemon, phytor cheese, roasted whole buckwheat 165: -

osta-Stina tomato sauce, four-tower cheese, rectangular cheese, gruyère, salt-roasted pumpkin seeds SEK 145

brothers persson creme fraiche, mozzarella, red onion, roe, Västerbotten cheese, dill, lemon SEK 195
psst! add hand peeled shrimp for 35: -

children pizza tomato sauce, mozzarella, ham 95: -


psst! For SEK 1100 you can buy a 10 card for today's lunch. The card is not personal and you can obviously bring a friend or two and tick several boxes.


Welcome to book a table on 0411-30036.


Cold, hot green tomato soup with subject cucumber, lightly smoked smoked mackerel, emulsion on lime & jalapeño, silver onion & pickled chili. 159: -


Variation on summer vegetables & flowers with lightly smoked burrata, sour elderberry vinaigrette & fresh berries. 149: -


Calf tartar with pickled mustard seeds, egg & cheese cream, broken gel on red currants, sourdough crisps & micro shoots from Little Gardens. 169: -


Baked hake with roasted seaweed, pickled radish, tomatoes from Orelund, whipped jelly on vinegar & fennel dill, zucchini, browned butter with trout rum, onion & capers. 289: -


Guinea fowl filled with top marmalade with buttered chicken skin & emulsion with black garlic, fermented lemon, chard & crispy chicken skin. 289: -


Black curry fried cauliflower with risotto on wheat & coconut, yellow beet chutney, crispy chickpeas & corn, radishes & red shoots. 269


Strawberries in spruce & long pepper syrup, sorbet on créme fraiche from Vitaby, meringues with spruce powder, currant leaf oil & elderflower curd. 139: -


Crumbled frozen blue cornflower, fermented gooseberries & gooseberry compote, crushed cardamom crusts, roasted seeds & cress. 139: -