Today's lunch Monday-Friday 12.00-14.00, see below for this week's menu.
145: - incl salad, bread & coffee.

Our café is open 11.00 - 20.30 every day of the week. There we serve both lunch and tasty cakes, cappuccino, brewed coffee and freshly made healthy smoothies. The same menu is available in the restaurant, where you are welcome to book a table, in the café we do not take table reservations, just look in.

today's lunch

145: -, Monday - Friday, 12-14
feel free to book a table


Pot au feu on duck & pork with puffed pork rind with gooseberries & Wrångebäcksost.

Fritters on yellow pea with baked tomato, yogurt, grilled salad & herb salad.



Norrønasill & cod with browned butter, chopped egg, pickled beetroot & hazelnuts.

Truffle risotto with roasted roots, buttered mushrooms from Hällestad & grated farm cheese.



Boeuf Bourguignon, mashed potatoes, smoked bacon side, caramelized shallots & mushrooms.

Grilled & glazed celeriac with buttered vegetable broth & pearl couscous.



Poached haddock with baked carrot, carrot salad, crispy sourdough & white wine sauce.

Italian bean stew with creamy polenta, parmesan, roasted pine nuts & black cabbage.



Wallenberger with almond mashed potatoes, green peas, raw lingonberries & shredded butter.

Roasted cauliflower, bulgur salad, garlic cream, pickled tomatoes & seed crisps.

weekend lunch

165: -, Saturday & Sunday, 12-14
feel free to book a table

Saturday Sunday

Butcher beef provençale, garlic butter, green beans, potato gratin with Almnäs bricks.

Baked beets, spicy avocado, fried goat cheese, cress & buckwheat.

spa & bistro

served every day 11 - 20.30

räkmacka on homemade breadcrumbs.
175: -

chili & sesame stir fry glass noodle salad with edamame, tofu, pumpkin, ginger, green onions, cucumber, Chinese cabbage, soy, roasted sesame mayonnaise.
145: -

mussels with garlic, cream, white wine & fennel.
159: -

meat sandwich with night-baked pork side on grilled focaccia, cream-sautéed mushrooms, fried oyster slices, salad & cress.
165: -

beyond burger 100% herbal burger, tomato, spinach leaves, pickled red onion, smoked aioli, coleslaw, root vegetable chips.
195: -

smash burger double burger with smoked cheddar, bacon, tomato, spinach, grilled brioche bread, pickled red onion, smoked aioli, coleslaw & root vegetable chips.
195: -

mossby board beer sausage, bacon, olives, herb cream cheese, cheese from vilhelmsdal, vegetable sticks, salt-roasted nuts, aged grevé, chickpeas and home-baked bread.
175: -

open 16 - 21

Maggan tomato sauce, mozzarella, parmesan, cocktail tomatoes, basil 135: -
psst! add thin sliced ​​cooked ham for 25: -

prints creme fraiche, grilled carrot puree, fermented carrot, red onion, rosemary, gruyère, broccoli ribs, deep-fried capers 145: -
psst! goes vegan / lactose free

benny mushroom & truffle cream, air-dried pork skin, salami, pickled mushrooms, chive oil, aged parmesan cheese 165: -

Kalle creme fraiche, kale, dried apricot, roasted hazelnuts. pickled red cabbage & mustard seeds, stilton 145: -
psst! add seasoned salmon for SEK 25

children pizza tomato sauce, mozzarella, ham 95: -

Of course, all pizzas are available takeaways, call your order on 0411-30036
the pizzas are made the way we think they should taste. therefore we make no changes. we have a gluten-free pizza base, but bake in a non-gluten-free environment.


psst! For SEK 1100 you can buy a 10 card for today's lunch. The card is not personal and you can obviously bring a friend or two and tick several boxes.



Welcome to book a table on 0411-30036. Pre-book which menu you want, the menus and dishes are prepared as we have intended them to taste, therefore we do not make any changes. It is also not possible to change dishes between the menus.


skimmed lobster soup, glass-baked cod, baked carrot, grated smoked egg yolk, chervil oil, leek ash, fenugreek from little gardens and fried cod skin. 159: -

butter-baked REKO chicken, grated fresh truffle, parsley emulsion, browned cabbage cream, velute with mushroom shoots, glazed Brussels sprouts, white mustard, fried chicken sausage on thighs & smoked cabbage. 289: -

"Emmas kärleksmums" coffee foam on special coffee from compass coffee roastery, coconut ice cream, roasted coconut powder, soft chocolate cake, baked chocolate cream, iced lingonberries & oxalis. 139: -


tartlet with variety of beetroot, smoked mayonnaise, shallot vinaigrette, allspice & oxalis. 139: -

pressed & baked lace bowl, creamy barley groats, Jerusalem artichoke in oil on roasted hay, warm spruce bark cheese, fermented cloudberries, pickled endive, pumpkin seeds, tatsoi & tagetes. 269: -

"Emmas kärleksmums" coffee foam on special coffee from compass coffee roastery, coconut ice cream, roasted coconut powder, soft chocolate cake, baked chocolate cream, iced lingonberries & oxalis. 139: -

choose for cheese

selected cheeses, homemade pear jam with walnuts & ginger, chickpeas.149: -