Today's lunch Monday-Friday 12.00-14.00, see below for this week's menu.
145: - incl salad, bread & coffee.

Our café is open 11.00-16.00 every day of the week. There we serve both lunch and tasty cookies, cappuccino, brew coffee and freshly made healthy smoothies. The same menu is available in the restaurant, where you are welcome to book a table.

today's lunch

145: -, Monday - Friday, 12-14
feel free to book a table


Braised veal tri-tip “24” h with dill, variety of carrots, crispy onions, savoy cabbage & vinegar velouté.

Pumpkin hokkaido with butter-fried late summer mushroom, roasted garlic oil, chives, grated peccorino & gemsalad.


Baked saithe with tapenade, pickled parsley sauce, breadcrumbs, confit fennel, kohlrabi & yellow mustard seeds.

Cauliflower in oat cream with fried sage, parmesan cheese, roasted seeds, white beans & baked tomato.


Egg cake with pork, raw lingonberries, apple, root vegetable crudité & roasted almonds.

Juicy Vegetable stew with eggplant, tomato, sweet potato, thyme foam, basil & lentils.


Sauteed salmon with soy butter sauce, cucumber, crown dill mayo, planed radish, carrots, sesame & dried dill.

Fried polenta with herb-baked celery, pickled onions, Jerusalem artichoke cream, butter-fried beets & apples.


Grilled cutlet on rapeseed creamy moghrabiah with night-baked twig tomatoes, pumpkin seeds, roasted garlic & sky sauce.

Red lace bowl, puy lentils, citronette, roasted almonds, maches salad, goat cheese & marigold oil.

spa & bistro

every day 11-16

shrimp sandwich 175: -

fish & seafood soup 195: -

chili & sesame stir fry 145: -

beyond burger 195: -

smash burger 195: -

meat sandwich SEK 169

weekend lunch

165: -, Saturday & Sunday, 12-14
feel free to book a table

Saturday Sunday

Char with butter-fried chanterelles, bunch carrot, pickled red endive, crayfish & browned butter emulsion.

Baked celeriac with buckwheat, herb cream cheese, roasted nuts, black cabbage & watercress.


psst! For SEK 1100 you can buy a 10 card for today's lunch. The card is not personal and you can obviously bring a friend or two and tick several boxes.


The menu is served from 17.30.
The final booking is 20.30 weekdays and 21.00 during the weekends.

Welcome to book a table on 0411 30036.


fired lobster, fermented fennel, dill emulsion, planed cucumber in salt, trout roe, fennel dill, live sting.
169: -


crispy veal brisket, chanterelles & silver onion in smoked butter, baked beets, marigold, tarragon cream, cabbage flakes.
159: -


falafel on vreta yellow with carrots cooked in thyme pepper, Scanian goat yoghurt, baba ganoush, heart salad,
coriander, pickled mustard seeds & shallots.
139: -


grilled pikeperch, buttered seaweed, foam & cream on mussels, roasted cauliflower purée, bottarga on skrei, dill powder,
dried late summer flowers.
289: -


flambéed pheasant breast with apple spirit, roasted duck sky, almond potatoes & turnip puree with fermented black garlic, oyster slices & shiitake, roasted kernels, dried apple.
289: -


braised plum on rapeseed pig, boiled onion with dill seeds, Jerusalem artichoke purée, fried capers, extra aged Västerbotten cheese,
mushroom shoots, beans, rosehip powder, cress.
269: -


risotto on quinoa & lentils, four-tower cheese, glazed butternut squash, roasted pumpkin seeds, pickled zucchini, chive oil, smoked romanesco, marjoram.
269: -


"Gold nougat" hazelnut ice cream, gold leaf in oil, roasted hazelnuts, sea buckthorn curd, crisp on our own honey, autumn raspberries, hazelnut ganache, cress atsina
139: -


blueberry sorbet, mousse on blue & white poppy seeds, fresh blackberries & blackberry cream, blueberry powder, resin acid, fried lemon pesto, financier with blackberries
139: -


selected cheeses, sour gooseberry jam with sherry, chickpeas
149: -