Today’s special is served every weekday between 12-2 PM for SEK 125.

Our café is open daily between 11 AM and 4.30 PM:

Shrimp sandwich SEK 175

Mussels, white wine, cream, garlic, parsley, fennel SEK 139

Mushroom toast, spinach, lingonberries SEK 139

Chicken salad, herbs, estragon mayo, cured cheese, croutons, romaine lettuce, pickled onions, SEK 145

Halloumi burger, tomato, spinach, pickled red onions, smoked aioli, coleslaw, chips SEK 155

Hamburger,  with cheese, bacon, tomato, spinach, pickled red onions, smoked aioli, coleslaw, chips SEK 195


Cured rainbow trout, endive with chili & orange, roasted nuts & seeds, coriander, roasted cream.

SEK 149


Crispy lamb sweetbread, yellow beet, grilled shallot,mushroom, veal broth, thyme, galangal oil.

SEK 139


Deepfried egg,miso emulsion, frozen lingonberries, seaweed caviar, chives oil, cress.

SEK 129



Herb roasted duck, pumpkin puré, sea buckthorn, pumpkin, red wine sauce with duckliver, cress.

SEK 279


Butter fried halibut, salsify,oyster leaf, lumpfish roe, salted cucumber, foamy clam sauce.

SEK 289


Beef, salt baked celeriac, pickled celeriac, celeriac puré, red wine jus with apple and rosemary, hazelnuts, shiso leaf.

SEK 289


Bean falafel, shallot, fennel, spinach, syrup baked cabbage, truffle mayonnaise, sea buckthorn, mushroom, cress.

SEK 259


Orange terrine, dark chocolate fudge, orangecurd, pistachio ice cream, pickled orange, basil.

SEK 129


Rice pudding, puffed rice, cardamom ice cream, raspberry compote, raspberry powder, licorice herb.

SEK 129


Three different kinds of local cheese, pear & ginger marmalade, crisp bread, sour milk bread.

SEK 139