On a warm December day, the thought struck us "why don't we have our own beer?" It was in the middle of winter but unusually warm and we started to think about what kind of beer could taste at all the different weather this year. Since we have worked closely with Hönsinge Hantwerksbryggeri for a long time, it was a matter of course to contact them. Magnus, Niklas and Mick hooked on the idea immediately and it became the starting point for what is being launched 6 months later as MOSSBYLUNDAREN'S MAGIC.

Blocks and pencil went forward; planning, sketches and first meeting at the brewery. The inspiration flowed and the ideas got wilder and wilder, luckily we had the professionals in place who took us down to earth and learned how this beer thing really works.

We wanted to create something of our own and a beer that would also be unique in Hönsinge's range. Thoughts went to a lighter beer that would work just as well in our hot pools as a beer for the food, all year round. Together with the jetties, we finally landed in a light warehouse with a touch of elderberry. Oh, how exciting it was. Now we just wanted to get started. The schedule was set and hux flux, one day in April it was finally time. Expectantly, we went to the brewery, which is located at Jordberga Estate, just 15 minutes from Mossbylund. Now we're brewing!

Grinding, stirring, pouring, stirring and stirring, it is hard work to be a brewer. After the beer was added to fermentation at the end of the day, we realized that we needed a name for our beer. A name that meant something to us but which at the same time felt right along with Hönsinge's other beer. It's harder than you think. The names were many; Vilda's Wild was not one of the better proposals, nor was the Hotel Director's House or the Basement Master's Call. As a revelation it suddenly struck us; MOSSBYLUNDAR'S MAGIC. A magical beer presented by the mossy groves themselves; our fantastic staff. All our staff are selected according to their personality, their ability to spread joy and the desire to meet the guest's wishes. Something they do with bravur, so it felt no more than right that we, with our own beer, pay tribute to our imaginative staff. MOSSBYLUNDARNA IS MAGIC

Mossbylunder pp. ˜en ˜rna
A magical creature that spreads joy among both colleagues and guests