On a warm December day, the thought struck us “why don’t we have our own beer?” It was in the middle of winter but unusually warm and we began to wonder what kind of beer could be enjoyable in all the different seasons of the year. Since we have worked closely with Hönsinge Hantwerksbrewery for a long time, they were the obvious choice for us. Magnus, Niklas and Mick loved the idea immediately and that was the start of what 6 months later was launched as MOSSBYLUNDARENS MAGISKA.

We had our first meeting at the brewery. The inspiration flowed and the ideas became wilder and wilder. Fortunately, we had professionals in place who took us down a noch and taught us how this beer thing really works.

We wanted to create something of our own and a beer that would also be unique in Hönsinges selection. The thoughts went to a lighter beer that would work just as well in our warm pools as with our food, all year round. Together with the brewers we eventually landed in a light lager with a touch of elderflower. Oh, how excited we were. Now we just wanted to get started. The schedule was set and one day in April it was finally time. Full of anticipation we went to the brewery that resides at Jordberga Gods, just 15 minutes from Mossbylund. Now we were going to brew!

Grind, stir, pour, stir a little more and shovel, it’s hard work to be a brewer. After the beer was added to the fermentation tank at the end of the day we realized that we needed a name for our beer. A name that meant something to us, but at the same time felt right together with Hönsinges other beers. That was harder than you think. The names were many; Vildas Vilda was not one of the better ideas, nor Hotällägarens Husliga or Källarmästarens Kalla. As a revelation, it suddenly struck us; MOSSBYLUNDARENS MAGISKA. A magic beer presented by our amazing staff. All our staff are chosen according to their personality, their ability to spread joy and the desire to meet the guest’s wishes. Something they do with great expertise, so it felt right that we with our own beer, praise our fantastic staff. MOSSBYLUNDS STAFF IS MAGICAL!