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A magical creature that spreads joy among both colleagues and guests



HEAD WAITER, now there is a unique opportunity to join and shape a new role with us. Are you a person who loves full speed and a problem solver of rank? Do you motivate your colleagues while you have an overview and feel great responsibility, do you recognize yourself? Then you should apply for this job. You must be communicative in speech and writing, have a driver's license, own car and experience of similar positions.


At Mossbylund we have a high work ethic, always close to laughter and a wonderful friendship.

Send your application via email to our restaurant manager Fredrik Wennberg, fredrik@mossbylund.se

EXPERIENCED SERVICE STAFF, with us it is full speed from morning to evening, seven days a week. With us you meet lots of wonderful guests and colleagues. If you like to spread joy & positive energy and at the same time be professional, you should definitely submit your application bums.

At Mossbylund we have a high work ethic, always close to laughter and a wonderful friendship. You need at least 5 years of experience in restaurant, à la carte serving and good knowledge in beverage.

If you are interested, send your application to our restaurant manager Fredrik Wennberg. fredrik@mossbylund.se

we are mossbylund

Under our roofs there is enough expertise to send a rocket to the moon.
Even if we aim for the stars, we are content to run a homely and personal hotel in the Scanian countryside. All our work is permeated by using each other's experiences and not infrequently our staff work outside their given role, we make sure that no knowledge is wasted and therefore we are also in many ways very self-sufficient!

We are all different personalities and our backpacks are full of past experiences and lessons learned. Training, massage, skin expertise and not least a large service team in serving and booking that is ready for all questions and different wishes.

Anne Vallmark is the booking manager and you will meet her wonderful group when you contact us by phone, email, chat and of course when you arrive at the hotel or when it is time to end your stay. anne@mossbylund.se

Restaurant manager Fredrik Wennberg leads the restaurant and our wonderful team of serving staff with an experienced hand. Everything from beer made in the neighboring village to exciting wines from afar and Mossbylund's magical food, of course, is served here. fredrik@mossbylund.se

Chef Jesper Sandqvist together with his chefs / bakers / confectioners / dishwashers work almost around the clock. They bake, prep and cook everything with the ambition that the food should be locally grown and seasonal. jesper@mossbylund.se

Hotels City
Josefine Andersson Sandberg is our housewife and her departments work is it which is most visible. It is bedded and dusted, around the clock, after at least 15000 sleeping guests per year and more bathers in our spa. josefine@ mossbylund.se

Susanna Kristersson is responsible for training and has the strongest team in the house that she coordinates and schedules. Several of our instructors work in parallel with reception and massage and have a lot of customer contact. susanna@mossbylund.se

As spa manager, Magdalena Hagenkötter takes good care of Mossbylund's own oasis with full control of both treatments, products and range. Here are both qualified dermatologists and masseurs. magdalena@mossbylund.se

Patrik Persson, our technical manager and his colleagues have a broad knowledge and experience. They solve everything between heaven and earth! patrik@mossbylund.se

The marketing department works with the website, social media and does everything to ensure that the hotel has a uniform profile. There are rarely any ideas in this department. tove@mossbylund.se

Margareta Cavallin is responsible for finance and together with our CEO Ingrid Svensson they handle finance and personnel issues. margareta@mossbylund.se or i.svensson@mossbylund.se

The hotel dog Vilda has this clear title. She always succeeds with her natural ability to "just" be herself and bring out the best in everyone she meets. You will find her at the reception.