It can be tricky to find your way here ...
Mossbylund is located along the coastal road between Ystad and Trelleborg, next to Abbekås by Mossbystrand. Very visible from the coastal road but unfortunately there is no signage from E65 to the coast, as the Swedish Transport Administration does not like us. So whatever you do, do not follow signs, they are not your help.

If you drive with GPS set Abbekås. Then you come easiest to the coast road, from Abbekås you drive three kilometers east, towards Ystad, then you are with us. In most GPSs and apple / google maps, Hotel Mossbylund, town of Skurup works. Smallest problem, call!

Directions from YSTAD:
Drive road 101 towards Trelleborg, turn off at Mossbystrand to road 9. After 500 meters on the right side is Mossbylund. Distance from Ystad 12 km.

Directions from Trelleborg:
Drive on road 9 towards Ystad, three kilometers after Abbekås, Mossbylund is on the left. Distance from Trelleborg 35 km.

Directions from Malmö / Lund / Copenhagen:
Take the E65 towards Ystad, take the exit towards Skurup at the first exit. Turn left towards Skurup center. Then go to Skivarp. Three kilometers after Skivarp, turn right onto road 9. After 500 meters on the right is Mossbylund.


Our environmental efforts have taken another step thanks to Skånetrafiken's new bus stop at Mossbylund.
Nowadays you take a bus from Ystad or Trelleborg with line 190. The nearest connecting train is in Svarte for further travel to and from the rest of Skåne!