A quick swim in the pool or a full day of food and treatment?
There is a lot to choose from and we have packages for both daytime and evening time.

We have limited slots in the spa, so remember to book your day well in advance.


Most of our day & evening spa packages can be booked online. Click on the button below. The packages that contain treatments can only be booked by phone or email. 0411 30036 /


Some dates and periods such as Easter, summer, Christmas and some holidays do not apply to all packages. Keep an eye on ours CALENDAR for different days and special offers.


WEEKDAY SPA Monday - Thursday
09.00-16.00, 525: - day spa only


7.30-10, SEK 295 spa & breakfast
Start the day with a cozy moment in the spa. You end with Mossbylund's magical breakfast inside the restaurant at 9 am.


09.00-16.00, 1695: -
You arrive at nine o'clock and unwind for a while in our spa before it's time for the day's first treatment. A 20 min peel to make the skin soft and smooth. Today's lunch, a cup of coffee and another hour or two among comfortable pools, sauna or rest beds to then enjoy two more 25 minute treatments; spa massage & small facial treatment.

WEEKDAY CHILL Monday - Thursday

10.30 - 14.00, 645: -
Get the most out of everyday life! Start with bedtime at home and then come to us at 10.30. Sandwich and smoothie in the spa café before you jump in your bathrobes and head out to the spa. Bath, bathe, rest & chill until you start to get hungry again. At 14.00 you can order any dish from our bistro menu inside the restaurant.

AFTERNOON CHILL Monday - Thursday

14.30 - 18.00, 495: -
Start the afternoon with a few hours in the spa and end with a fish & chips at 17pm in our bistro. You then make it home to the news.

right now!

senior spa

SENIOR SPA non-holiday Monday – Thursday 09.00-16.00 Long weekend, 895 SEK Week, XNUMX SEK
Enjoy a full day in a bathrobe! Warm pools, good food and luxurious treatment for tired feet, welcome to the senior spa!

The package includes day spa, today's lunch, afternoon coffee and one of our favorite treatments; BEAUTIFUL FEET in 25 minutes. If you want to book more treatments, as seniors you have 20% on all our spa treatments. You will find the entire treatment menu HERE.

Applies to you over 60. Check out our other senior offers HERE

Can only be booked by phone/email
0411-30036 /



17 - 22, Long weekend, 1295 SEK Week, XNUMX SEK/person.
Check out our new evening spa package.⁠
Start at 17.00 with any dish from our bistro menu, after that you get a 25min spa massage and then you can, satiated and relaxed, sink into the warm pools.⁠

BAD & BISTRO every night

Sun – Thu 17 – 21 or 18 – 22  Long weekend, 595 SEK Week, XNUMX SEK
Fred – Sat 17 – 21 or 19 – 24 Long weekend, 795 SEK Week, XNUMX SEK
Start with any dish from ours BISTROMENU, after that you can land in the spa and enjoy the evening in warm pools. Let us know when you book if you wish to come.

EVENING SPA WITH TWO-DISH MENU  weekend Monday - Thursday.

17.30 - 22, Long weekend, 795 SEK Week, XNUMX SEK (ord. price 920 :-)
Start the evening at 17.30 pm with a two-course dinner in our restaurant. Then jump, full and satisfied, down into our warm pools where you can enjoy until late at night.


17.30 - 22,  Long weekend, 895 SEK Week, XNUMX SEK (ord. price 1065 :-)
Start the evening at 17.30 pm with a two-course dinner in our restaurant. Then jump, full and satisfied, down into our warm pools where you can enjoy until late at night. At 21 a luxurious cheese platter is served out in our bistro with selected cheeses and homemade marmalade.


WEEKEND SPA Fridays - Sundays
10.00-14.00 695: - day spa only

Loans of bathrobe, slippers and towel are always included.


LAZY SATURDAY in new vintage

Saturdays SEK 995

Laziness is Saturday's luxury! This includes a day spa & granny pizza with a glass of sparkling wine. Start the morning with a couple of nice hours in the spa, then finish with GRANDMA'S PIZZA  in our restaurant, served from 13.30. 


Your time for spa and grandma's pizza will be announced when booking. (Arrival between 9.00-10.30, grandma's pizza between 13.30-15.00 p.m.)


Sundays SEK 995

Never again a boring Sunday! This includes a day spa & brunch. Start the morning with a couple of nice hours in the spa, then end with our mafia BRUNCH in the restaurant. Pancakes, bacon, eggs, cheese and everything else good that belongs to the Sunday brunch! If you want to unwind a little extra, we recommend you book in for one of our yoga sessions, this is included in the price but needs to be pre-booked.


Your time for spa, brunch and yoga will be announced when booking. (Arrival between 09.00-10.30, brunch between 12.30-14.00)


IF YOU BOOK A LAZY SATURDAY AND BEAUTIFUL SUNDAY, you get a 20% discount on our spa treatments.


from 07.00, every day of the week

For accommodation guests, it is allowed for children in the company of adults 9.00-10.00 & 14.00-15.00. Other time from 16 years. Diaper babies are not allowed in the pools. Our spa is a spa, and we have a quiet life even during childhood.


Read all of our TREATEMENT MENU to find what is right for you. You book by phone or mail. 0411-300 36 or

We have "4-cards" if you need regular massage, pedicure, waxing or lash extension. You get the fourth time completely free. The fire card is valid Monday-Thursday.