Our dear Mossbylund has slowly but surely been shaped since we took over the hotel in 2002. We have listened to our guests' wishes and developed, built and renovated Mossbylund ever since. Today we have room for 120 overnight guests who can enjoy comfortable accommodation, good food, spa, exercise and peaceful surroundings. We have gone from a small to a large family with different departments and opened up for brunch, training and various events - here is something for everyone! Although we have grown rapidly in recent years, the family feeling remains. We are passionate about entrepreneurship and new ideas will come, most often before we have even completed them before. It is an exciting journey that we, together with our fantastic staff, look forward to continuing.

Welcome to visit us!

Welcome to Mossbylund,
Ingrid and Peter Svensson.


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120 years ago on sandy beach near land, Mossbylund Gård was built, looking like many other Scanian farms along the south coast. Stables and lodges were built and there were both horses and cows. In the yard, with an area of ​​22 hectares, a lot of potatoes and beets were grown which thrived in the sandy soil.

During the 70s, the land was cut off and Mossbylund was home only with some pets left in the stable. Gertie & Sven-Inge Enberg bought Mossbylund in the beginning of the 80s and built eight holiday apartments in the lateral lengths. The main building was still a private home during their time. In 1993, Hans Thysell bought Mossbylund's farm and during his years invested in restaurant kitchens, restaurants, conference rooms and also expanded from 8 to 13 hotel rooms.

In 2002, we came, quite suddenly, without a business plan, knowledge or longer thought. The only thing we had with us in the luggage was many hotel nights after trips in previous jobs and we knew we liked the country life. We continued in the previous owner's track with conferences and mostly business on weekdays. Room after room was renovated and a few years later another eleven hotel rooms and a new conference room were built.

In 2013, we partially changed direction and allowed the conferences to be supplemented with private weekend guests. Suddenly we had staffing 24/7 and one extension replaced the other. We thought we made our last big investment but have never been so wrong. The restaurant became crowded, expanded and in the middle of it all a new restaurant kitchen was also required. The spa quickly became too small and has been expanded twice since it was opened. The restaurant is now expanded again and we got a magical salon with 70 seats that was ready for Easter 2019.

15 new hotel rooms were opened on 19 April 2020 in a brand new building designed as a silo. There is also a new conference room with magnificent views over a rolling sea.
With a sense of the roots, we continue our exciting journey.

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We are open as usual and we work with warm heart, cold head, washed hands and adhere to all regulations and guidelines. Our call to you is to take care of each other and keep your distance.

Of course, none of our employees go to the hotel with the slightest sign of cold symptoms.


According to our regular cleaning routines, we continue to disinfect, among other things, all door handles. As usual, hand spirit is found in all public toilets, and we remind you of extra careful hand washing for both guests and staff.
Breakfast served at the table instead of the buffet. The content is the same as before, and you can choose just as usual.

We have reduced the number of seating areas in the restaurant so that everyone can feel comfortable distance to each other. There is a lot of outdoor dining, both in the restaurant, in the courtyard where we serve pizza and in our spa cafe / bistro.


During the current pandemic, our hotel room bookings are re- & cancelable until 12 noon the day before arrival.
This applies to hotel packages or room bookings only. However, not if you choose the "non-refundable" option yourself.


Our pools are chlorinated and do not pose any increased risk of possible contagion.
We do not perform facial treatments with steam now during virus times. So classic facial treatment, mermaid favorite, AHA treatment we pause for a while. A small facial scrub, beautiful eyes and eyelash extensions can be booked. As well as all other treatments such as massage, body wrapping etc.


Just like hotels and restaurant guests, we see that you stay home if you feel bad.

Our passports are adapted to allow you to keep a distance. The number depends on the location and location. During the spring we have moved out many passports, gladly bring gloves, although disinfecting many implements can be difficult with ropes and other things.

Regarding the water gym we have a benchmark of 6 people some time to come, it will also be OK with another couple, but there are quick offs and bookings these days so it needs to be a little flexible.

Just like hotels and restaurant guests, we see that you stay home if you feel bad.


We have regular contact with our own doctor who works at the intensive care unit in Helsingborg. He continuously monitors the situation and gives us daily recommendations.