Meetings are important, from both a work perspective and meetings between colleagues. Meeting in new environments and getting a break from everyday life provides opportunities for ideas and effective work. The last few years we have grown a lot, but are proud to be able to maintain the feeling of the small and cozy conference hotel a stone's throw from the sea.

As an overnight conference guest you have free access to our spa, there is also the possibility to book a spa treatment, either in advance or drop in if required. We are located one mile west of Ystad, on the south coast. Only 45 minutes from Malmö / Lund and 2 minutes from the magical sandy beach. Wonderful surroundings between the sea and Skåne fields.

Inquiries or booking, call us on 0411 30036 or email to


Are you many or few, 2 or 122? Do you want to stay all day or all week? Are you going to work right into the small hours or do you want to unwind with a little spa or a fun activity? No matter what, we tailor your conference so you get it just the way you want it.

Don't know what you want? No danger, we have lots of ideas and experience, just hear from you and we will help you.

For questions, price or booking, call us on 0411-30036 or email to


Join in with pleasure and enjoy a wonderful hotel breakfast while you start the most enjoyable meeting of the day. We provide all the necessary meeting equipment in our Lounge where you are separated from other guests but close to the beautiful Scanian landscape.

Breakfast meeting can be booked Tuesday - Friday 07.00 - 11.00 for groups between 15 - 75 people and costs 199 SEK incl. VAT.
Are you less than 15? Call us and we'll help you!


Do you need to pause and digest everything that was discussed during the day? As an overnight conference guest you have free access to our spa, take a lovely swim in our warm outdoor pools and relax in the sauna or why not a refreshing sea dip (just for the brave).

You can also book a spa treatment, both in advance or drop in if required. Some spa treatments, 25 min. massage or 25 min. As a conference guest you receive a special price of: 395: - (word 525 :-).


Combine a productive day with a good dinner and spa in our new package.

Start the day with an energizing morning coffee and confer all day in one of our fresh rooms. Lunch and afternoon coffee are of course also available! When you have finished working, you will be invited to a two-course dinner in the restaurant. Satisfied and contented you jump after the food down into warm pools. There you can then snuggle (or continue working, you do as you please) until 22.30.

Price: 1275 SEK / person excluding VAT. Valid Monday to Thursday


At Hotell Mossbylund we are very proud of our rural history and as a guest with us we want you to clearly feel the rural and homely feeling. Therefore, as a guest, you will also come across names like Vagnstallet and Logen and room names such as Blenda and Stjärna which originate from cows in the neig.

However, something we lacked that belong to every farm is a grain silo and we had to remedy that. So we simply built a Silo.


Try to get something done 15 meters up with a view of the Baltic Sea.
If you succeed, you have an exclusive day in your own building with accommodation & conference.

Our Silo was inaugurated on April 19, 2020 and for this special spring we have created a conference package with some extra luxury, air between the chairs and at a good price!
All 15 rooms in Silon belong to conference guests as well as Magazine, our modern conference room on the 5th floor.


You start the day with a morning cup of freshly baked pudding. For lunch, the day is served together with salad and bread. Later we show up in the afternoon with our delicious homemade pastries and in the evening we offer a delicious 5 course menu of food made with locally produced ingredients. Before that, you have enjoyed the view from Silon together with foam and canapés. Any drinks for dinner will be added.

Start the day with our wonderful breakfast buffet made with lots of love. You can also choose either Yoga in the morning or an energizer on site in the Magazine during the conference.
Further during the day, morning coffee, lunch of the day and afternoon coffee are served.
You also have a 50% discount on our 25min treatments in the SPA if you choose to book for one.
Return home!

Local rent includes both days, conference equipment and mineral water, fruits and sweets.

Value approx. 3800 SEK / person excluding VAT
Opening offer during May-August 2020: SEK 3400 / person excluding VAT.
Minimum of 15 participants


Exercise and good nutrition are a prerequisite for good health and healthy staff. Here is every opportunity to combine a long working day in a conference room with a customized workout for your particular group. Yoga, TRX, water gym or comfortable outdoor activities.

With the house's wines or beer from our local beer brewery we show up for a tasty beverage tasting. Try the taste buds and discover new favorites. Or why not rub the geniuses with an alphabet tournament?

If you just want a nice walk, you may want to borrow with your nice hotel dog Vilda who is happy to show you the beach and the sea.

In addition to our own activities, we organize everything from Sherlocked, mobile photography, graffiti painting, mountain biking and much, much more. Ask us when booking and we will put together an activity based on your ideas and wishes!


Hotel Mossbylund can now also offer you, where a state framework agreement is required, the opportunity to book a conference.
A state framework agreement is an assurance that we, as a hotel and conference facility, work actively to comply with, among other things, the rules that exist regarding employment and working conditions, and of course we are collective agreements.

We also have active work against discrimination, which means that we must ensure that everyone who works and visits us has equal rights and opportunities. Then there is our beautiful swan in the house and eco-labeled cleaning products and organic raw materials are warm to our hearts.

What does this mean for you as a meeting-booker? Well, that you can feel confident booking your next conference or meeting with us and knowing that we take good care of your guests, our staff and our premises.

From May 2020, we will also expand the conference opportunities as we inaugurate our latest conference room “Magasinet”, a state-of-the-art conference room at the top of our newly built silo. Need we say the view is magical ?!

Welcome to a conference at Hotell Mossbylund!


Our environmental efforts have taken another step thanks to the new bus stop at Mossbylund. Nowadays you take a bus from Ystad or Trelleborg with line 190. The nearest connecting train is in Svarte for further travel to and from the rest of Skåne!


Svenska Meetings is an expert at meetings and helps companies and organizations to develop by utilizing the power of the personal meeting. The fact that Hotell Mossbylund is selected by Svenska Möten guarantees you as a customer that we meet high quality requirements and are certified according to Svenska Möten's classification system. Hotel Mossbylund owns Svenska Möten together with about 130 other selected meeting facilities around Sweden. Like all other facilities, we are Nordic Ecolabelled or members of the Nordic Ecolabel network. Read more at

If you need help with attendance management before your meeting, Svenska Möten can help you. Read more HERE

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This seal is only available at facilities selected by Swedish Meetings.


Our booking and reception manager Anne has full control of our conference bookings and together with Jens, Eva and Matilda she is one of the first you meet when you give us a signal or stop at our reception. To give the very best service with the little extra and to work surrounded by lovely colleagues and guests, is something Anne is passionate about.

Here at Mossbylund, personal, family and flexible are the focus and we want you as a guest to always feel warm welcome, and above all welcome back to us.

Anne Vallmark,