Since 2013, one project has relieved the other. Right now, the restaurant, which has been overcrowded for the past year, is being expanded again. In connection with the existing restaurant, we are building a new “salon” with room for large parties or many small ones. We look very much forward to opening it up during Easter and welcome many new and old guests!

Our outdoor environment will also be more spacious with more outdoor seating and better views of the Scanian fields and the sunset.

Every building project usually gives us both added taste and new ideas into other projects and renovations. Our old original restaurant will now also have new decor and better buffet options for breakfast and brunch. There will also be more room for comfy armchairs and relaxing areas for a drink or a snack. As usual, we work to create a cozy home feeling even though we are constantly growing.

At present, it’s only a little messy outside the window and we hope that the builders won’t disturb you. However, it can be a bit messy during weeks 10 and 11 when we have to do some interventions indoors. But we promise that we will do the best for you in the meantime, and thanks to us staying open despite renovations, we have the opportunity to make any improvements we want to give our guests.

This is the first project of the year and we have more in the pipeline. But we’ll talk about that later this spring.