Excavators have rolled in preparing för the annex which from the beginning was just a crazy idea. 15 new hotel rooms and a conference room 15 meters up in the sky with a beautiful ocean view is what we see take shape west of Stallet. In the shape of a silo.

A round building totaling 18 meters high with associated grain dryer as all silos have. In the dryer the elevator and stairs will be placed and Mossby will get it´s own landmark. Lots of construction sheds again and we long for April 2020 like crazy when we get to cut the ribbon and show off our Silo.


There will be som mess from construction, but we strive for your well-being and for you to receive all information before arrival. When you turn off the coastal road and drive up towards our hotel you can´t avoid seeing that we are building. The building is high and will grow to it´s full height before summer vacation. But the spa area, cafe, yard, garden and open-air cafe are NOT affected and your stay will hopefully be as lovely as it would be without us building a silo. Most conference rooms are situated a bit away from the construction site and we see no disturbing elements.

We have a few quadruples with sitting room to the west, sunset AND a silo construction. The rooms are intact, but the construction site is close. The view is not the same and some mornings the builders are morning risers. This we cannot avoid. They don’t work on weekends. But all other days you are welcome in spa or for an early breakfast bun if you are awakened.


It all started ten years ago, as a crazy idea without the slightest thought of being reality some day.
We were sketching on a classic grain silo, as most other farms in the area have. The sketches were put away, as they were merely doodles on paper. Definitely not to scale. The sketches was put in drawer and forgotten about until a late night with some good wine and good friends when  the idea was brought up again.

Emil Lindskog at HL bygg, rode with the idea without even looking at the sketches and came back after a couple of late nights in front of the computer with CAD blueprints to present. We were blown away, but we had a lot of other projects brewing at the time so we had to postpone the plans of a silo. After all, it all felt like madness!

But the idea grew, and we knew that about 10-15 additional rooms were exactly what this place needed to cater the demand, without it being excessive. The silo was perfect in that sense. So we handed over Emils CAD model to an old friend of ours, Peder Lindblad,  a senior architect who is used to both complicated, public and demanding missions.

A hot summers day 2018 (evey day was hot that summer) we had lunch in the garden at Mossbylund when Peder presented a corrected proposition. It was starting to look like it could be a reality. And idea got harder and harder to forget about.

So, with an enthusiastic construction company, an architect who liked the idea and a forward spirited and very helpful municipality we broke ground on the 8th of april 2019.

HL bygg with Håkan Lindskog in the front have been building constantly on Mossbylund since 2013. It was also him and his company who build “Båthuset” in 2005. During all this time every deadline have been met and we believe fully that the rooms will be available for booking by april this year. We only need to carry in beds and linnens, hang paintings and put the toilet paper in place. After that you are welcome to celebrate Walpurgis night with us and wake up May 1st in the new silo.



During April we will reconstruct and expand the changing room for women. More showers are going in but most important is that there will be  more room for even more happy spa guests.

There will occasionally be a lot of noise coming from the construction and we will have the spa closed for a few days during the worst of it. We hope this won’t affect you guests all too  much and we will inform as good as we can in advance prior to your stay.

1-3 of April there will be no morning spa available. Afternoons and evening spa is open as usual though!

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